The Intentional Life – The principles

This is my one to one micro-coaching program. It’s designed to give the client a taste of commitment where we set objectives and intentions while using the principles in my book as a guide. It’s only a three month commitment and a definite gateway to deeper work and long term growth.

This program is a 3 month commitment .


Unlearn Your Pain & Rewrites Your Story – Getting clear

Most people don’t get what they want because they don’t even know who they are.

Or they go after something only to realize it’s not what they wanted in the first place. He or she was only doing what they were taught. Then the most challenging scenario is the person who gets really close to achieving or does achieve their goal only to sabotage instead. And that hamster wheel is not easy to see! So often we find ourselves stuck and not achieving because our personal framework is not set up to support the changes necessary to get there.

This particular program is the heart of my work. It’s what I spent over a decade studying and practicing so that I and others could really and truly go from ordinary to extraordinary. We literally gut your thoughts, feelings and daily habits and do a complete detox on who you are as a person so as to rewrite your own personal software. Ultimately integrating the tools to independently get to where you want to be.

This program is a six month minimum commitment.


Create Your Dream – Making Vision a Reality

When you’re on your deathbed, looking back on your life, what regret will you have if nothing changes? This question terrifies me which is why I am committed to living everyday to the fullest and fearlessly going after the experiences I dream of. The truth is that in any given moment we are either moving forwards or we are moving backwards. There is no in between as time doesn’t not stand still and energy is always in flux.

This program digs deep to not only rewrite your personal software but to lean into the courage it takes to be your truest most authentic and fulfilled self. Dreams are not arbitrary, by the way. Dreams are how the higher self communicates with you your purpose by providing inspiration. When you commit to your own Dharmic Path, you have no way of not fulfilling your dreams because the dreams will be an automatic side effect to your commitment to yourself. Our greatest healing comes as a result of experiencing the things our souls desire.

This program is a minimum commitment of 1 year.


The Apprenticeship

It’s become more and more obvious that as a collective, our growth is in the realm of consciousness. We aren’t in the agricultural revolution or the industrial revolution. We are even moving away from the technological revolution as we have more freedom to create and express our unique nature, as individuals, than ever before in history. 

The questions are less survival based and much more creative in general. This is why coaching has quickly gained credibility in many walks of life as people want to improve themselves in a number of ways. 

That’s why I am pleased to introduce the apprenticeship. This program not only takes you to your edge and confronts your own shadow but filters through the Leary’s of your own mind to create clarity and purpose. This program also teaches you how to show up in your best light to be of service to those looking for guidance. Coaching is not just about having the right answers. In fact,it’s rarely about having the answers at all. Coaching is about targeting the right questions and being the one to call out blind spots when the client can’t see.

We will also go through the practice of enrolling clients and how to structure your own practice in a way that resonates and is deeply rewarding.

This is an 18 month program.